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Introducing Gender amplified

Gender Amplified Is A 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Arts Organization Empowering The Next Generation Of Women And Gender-Expansive Music Producers. Together, we aspire to give voice to a subculture of creators utilizing music technology to express their unique identities.

CTRL Room Series

Our premier producer program, The Ctrl Room Series, offers an immersive experience for selected producers to refine their craft and explore cutting-edge technologies alongside top audio professionals, companies, and studios. Developing music business skills is integral to our programs. Through partnerships with TV networks, music platforms, record labels, and audio corporations, we guide our producers through lucrative, educational deals, furthering their careers. We curate camps for specific artists, enabling hands-on studio work with influential musicians. Our efforts demystify the music business ecosystem, empowering producers to assert their rights and make sound decisions.

We have open applications year-round. Are you a music professional interested in joining our movement?

Our Impact

Since 2019, we have successfully organized numerous production camps, making a profound impact on the careers of many producers. Through these camps, producers connect with like-minded music creatives who share their aspirations, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. To date, Gender Amplified has secured nearly $100,000 in placement fees to producers participating in our programs.

Growth happens with us.

"I actually consider myself a producer now. Ever since that first camp, I got a production placed on a show."
- Lord Scorpio, Gender Amplified Producer

Courageously defying limits

- Gender Amplified Camp, March '23

Encouraging self-expression

- Gender Amplified Camp, May '23

Building unwavering determination

- Gender Amplified Camp, March '23

Our Partners

Our Core Values

Fostering Community

We are providing a platform to grow a tight-knit community of artists and collaborators. Gender Amplified organizes in-person events & music production camps to provide music producers the critical opportunities to connect, collaborate, and empower each other.

Driving Innovation

We are building a new model to reimagine the creator economy and future of music that puts artists first. Through visionary organizing and advocating for our community's unique needs, Gender Amplified aims to promote the value & vital role that producers and audio engineers play as stewards of the creative and technical process of music making.

all positives.

Your donation helps us achieve a more diverse music industry.

Cultivating Inclusive Spaces

We curate inclusive & accessible studio environments to experiment with cutting-edge technology and produce best-in-class work in partnership with leading industry professionals and technology companies.

Building Equity 

We equip producers with the knowledge, connections, and experience they need for successful careers in the contemporary music industry. By developing a diverse skillset and toolkit, music producers can pursue career-building resources and opportunities to further promote and distribute their creative work for music placements in film, TV & advertisements.

Membership FAQs

How do I get involved as a producer?

We’d love to get to know you better! Gender Amplified embraces passionate and driven producers, songwriters, audio engineers, and everyone in between aiming to build a more equitable future in the music industry. There are many ways to get involved!

Join our team as a volunteer
Apply for our Ctrl Room Series production camps

*Our applications are rolling, so you are always welcome to apply to be considered for our next camp.

How did Gender Amplified start?

In Fall 2006, our founder Ebonie Smith was a rising senior at Barnard College. Just returning from a semester abroad in Cameroon while working in Africa at recording studios, Ebonie had a final year of academic rigor and the looming 100-page senior thesis requirement.

During this time, Ebonie purchased some music production equipment and spent hours in the dorm room between classes learning how to produce music and recording her friends. Ebonie thought… ‘If only I could just do this. I wish that I could produce music for my coursework requirements.’ In the wake of her frustration, what followed was a bright idea: ‘I could write my senior thesis on music production.’

Ebonie immediately enrolled in the only two music production classes at Columbia – her enthusiasm for classes instantly re-established, and started to learn as much history on music production as she could. Focused on hip hop, she started to learn much about the cultural significance of music technologies and their influence on the development of hip hop music - identifying the names of several key male producers over and over again, and never coming across any names of female music producers. This seemed odd.

After consulting her thesis advisor Kim Hall about this issue, Ebonie proposed for Barnard College to create a conference called Gender Amplified: Women and Technological Innovation in Hip Hop. She felt that women’s lack of visibility in hip hop music production was both an academic and a feminist discourse. Given this, Barnard College seemed to be the perfect place to spearhead the Gender Amplified movement.

Planning an academic conference, producing music and writing a senior thesis simultaneously was no walk in the park, but so many wonderful partners came on board to help bring the vision to fruition. Tachelle Wilks (founder, Femmixx.com), The Barnard Center for Research on Women, The Africana Studies Program, and Dean Vivian Taylor (campus coordinator, The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship) all provided a tremendous support system. We accomplished much with this initial event in 2007. However, the movement continues on.

I am a beginner. How do I get started with the basics of music production?

Welcome to this wonderful world of sound making! We’re excited to have you join us! While our Ctrl Room Series camps are currently geared toward up-and-coming producers rather than beginners, we are working on offering more educational programming - stay tuned! You are always welcome to reach out to info@genderamplified.org to get plugged in.

Are there Gender Amplified chapters in other U.S. states?

At the moment, Gender Amplified, Inc. is based in New York City and primarily hosts events there. However, we plan to expand our impact to new locations such as Los Angeles and London. If you’re interested in Gender Amplified coming to your city, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

What will my donation be used for?

Many of our events and camps are entirely free to attendees, and it’s made possible by the generous donations from our partners and community! Your funds help to make this all possible.

I don’t identify as a woman or gender-expansive music producer, but I really believe in the mission of Gender Amplified. How can I help?

Our allies across the gender spectrum are welcome to support our mission as key partners to impact change in the music industry. Sign up for our newsletter and come to our events! If you’re a producer or engineer, become a mentor or volunteer with our team! Email us at info@genderamplified.org to learn more.

How much does it cost to get involved with Gender Amplified?

If you are chosen to be a part of our camps, there are no costs associated with your attendance. The experience is free for producers. We also do not expect to own any of the rights to the music you create in the camps. You will remain the sole owner of all the intellectual property that you create at our camps. 

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